Goa Pindul Cave Tubing and Rafting Oyo Adventure

After an exhausting morning hiking down to Jomblang cave to witness Heaven’s Light, we were looking forward to something more relaxing. Thankfully, our next activity was Pindul Cave Tubing.

Entry tickets to Pindul Cave – Rp 10,000 each

WELCOME to Pindul Cave

Our driver brought us to this vendor called TripGoaPindul. It was the most colorful stall front there. You can check out their website here (no English though).

TripGoaPindul offers a variety of activities. Jasa Foto sure sounds like Just-a-Photo TROLOLOLOLOL!!!

We decided on Package A (Rp. 80,000) as we had enough of hiking for the day and just wanted to chill. We had to wait for a while and our dear Candyce wanted to try the Bakso stall outside. I just realized I’m in the picture as well hehehe.

After a short 5 min wait, we were ready to set off. The only equipment required for this activity is the tube itself along with a life-jacket (both provided). Cave tubing is so safe that I wouldn’t have any qualms getting my grandmother to do it. All you need to do is sit your ass inside the circular tube, simple as that. They even have safety ropes tied across the bottom of the tube so that you have something to sit on. As with all water activities, a waterproof pouch is the most important thing you need to bring so that you can capture all your awesome memories without fear.

Candyce and Jiaying spoilt for choice

Now that’s one way to carry your tube. Talk about using one’s head lol.

All set and ready to go!!

Pindul Cave Tubing

Off to the start of Pindul Cave Tubing. To be honest, all caves look the same to me so I wasn’t overly thrilled as we floated through the cave.

Forming up in a neat row

Random hole in Pindul cave. Seriously didn’t find it that interesting oops.

The end of our relaxing Pindul Cave Tubing

Still alive and happy 🙂

We got to see some bats but that’s about it. After a peaceful 20 min ride through the entire cave, we finally got out into the sun and made our way back to the starting point. Nothing fancy, but relaxing nonetheless. Thinking that we were done for the day, we approached our driver and told him to unlock the car for us. Funnily enough, he shot us a questioning look and mumbled something in Bahasa. Sensing that we understood nothing of what he was trying to say, he took it upon himself to find our vendor.

Rafting Oyo

Guess what! There was ANOTHER RAFTING OYO ACTIVITY waiting for us. What a pleasant surprise! HAHAHAHAHA!! And there we were all ready to head back to our villa. Super clown sia!! We were transported to the start of the river in pickups which gave me the feeling that we were prisoners of war being deported. Within 5 minutes, we had to alight and slowly carry our tubes to the start of the river.

River crossing machiam back in army again 😨😨 Have to be careful as it gets pretty slippery. “When floor is wet, the slipper will slip” – saw this sign in a Taiwan toilet before lol.

The Happy Trio 👨‍👩‍👧 Almost can’t tell who is who (referring to the sisters)

Ready to go but first…. LET ME TAKE A SELFIEEEE!!! 📸

This was the start of many EPIC moments!! Firstly, New was trying to act like a soldier saluting me while walking down the wet rocky steps with his tube. Being the klutz that he is, he slipped and nearly fell flat on his back but avoided the mishap with some quick re-balancing lol 😂 As we reached a nice plateau with enough space for all 4 of us, I suggested taking a photo. New, Candyce and I were all ready for the photo but out of nowhere, we heard Jiaying’s crying for help “Help!! Help!! My slipper!!” We turned our heads in the direction she was pointing and to our amusement, one of her slippers was slowly but surely getting swept away by the current.

I was about to react but New valiantly stepped in front of me and bounded after the slipper to no avail, nearly falling down in the process lol. We watched longingly as the slipper got washed away further and further from us. From the corner of my eye, I spied our guide walking across the plateau. Lo and behold, there was an abrupt turn in the current and the slipper magically drifted towards the guide. This guy really knows his river man hahaha. He probably thought we were retards but he handed the lone slipper back to Jiaying, much to her relief.

My turn – Lowering myself into the tube, I was the first to enter the river. Once Candyce entered as well, we were off. The initial few seconds were enjoyable. There I was enjoying myself spinning around in the river, soaking in the beauty of nature and slowly taking my phone out of the waterproof pouch. Unfortunately, this feeling of serenity was short-lived. My tube flipped as it went over a hump and before I knew it, I was underwater!! MAN OVERBOARD!! MAY DAY MAY DAY!!! At that critical moment, my first thought was not how to save myself but whether my iPhone was wet since I was in the midst of whipping it out just before I flipped. I immediately grabbed the waterproof pouch and tried my best to hold it above water. My shades were somewhere on my face and I struggled to get my head above water. Can you imagine someone underwater being swept away by the current and still holding up his waterproof pouch? Yep, that’s me lol. Thankfully, I somehow managed to spot a rock to stop my momentum and braced myself for impact. Luckily, the rock wasn’t sharp so there was no pain at all. I quickly gathered myself and inspected my iPhone. PHEW! iPhone was still in the waterproof pouch. No water went in at all. Second thought – where the hell was my tube?!!?!?!? I shouted to Candyce (who seemed to be floating away and enjoying the spectacle) asking her where my float was and she pointed behind me. Ahhhh. So maybe humans travel faster than tubes in the current hahahah. 🤔 As soon as it floated by, I grabbed the tube and made my way towards Candyce. Once I met up with her, I handed her my waterproof pouch, shades, and slippers (thankfully they were still on my feet) and finally got myself back on the tube. What an epic adventure!! Little did I know, New and Jiaying were having their own little adventure back at the start of the river as Jiaying capsized as well. We found out later after watching the video that it was the same hump. Hahahaha. What a bunch of CLOWNS man. Thankfully, we both escaped unscathed.

That moment when Jiaying capsized 😂😂😂


We soon drifted towards a cliff jumping spot. There was a 3 metre one (where the boy is standing) and a 5 metre one (far right of the picture), and a bunch of brave young kids were already queuing up to leap off the cliff. Our guide beckoned for us to get our asses out of the tube to go join in the fun. But due to old age (lol), we decided to give this one a miss. The guide gave us a knowing smile and shook his head. Think he must have been really disappointed with our lack of enthusiasm hahaha. BUT we already experienced enough adrenaline rush from capsizing earlier!!! Give us a break, please hehehe.

There was something that we didn’t mind trying though. And that was getting our body massaged by a very strong waterfall pouring down. You should definitely remove your spectacles or shades before going under the waterfall as it is really powerful. It is nice and refreshing to feel the seemingly ice cold water raining down on you 👍👍 

About 5-10 more minutes of being swept by the current and we finally reached the end. Final word of advice – just clip your slippers to your life-jacket or you might end up walking home barefoot 😝

Slipper check!!

We made our way out of the river and hopped onto the waiting pickups. A bumpy but fun ride ensued.

Minutes later and we were back with our favorite driver! We were all very hungry and it was time to head back to our villa for dinner 🙂 BUT FIRST.. ONE LAST SHOT WITH OUR AWESOME RIVER GUIDE HEHEHE. He sure looks rugged alright. All in all, Pindul Cave Tubing and Rafting Oyo was a really nice, cheap and enjoyable experience. Big thanks to TripGoaPindul! Highly recommended!!

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Goa Jomblang – Cave with Heavenly Light

jomblang cave heavenly light wow

Goa Jomblang aka Jomblang Cave @ Yogyakarta is a place where I was awed by the beauty of mother nature! On top of this, I was amazed by the power of humans!

All I know about Jomblang Cave was to seek out the heavenly light, but little did I knew, it was a big adventure ahead!

Bumpy Ride

trip to jomblang cave

The journey to Jomblang Cave was a long, winding and bumpy drive in. There were upslopes, downslopes and sharp turns, plus the usual non stop horning. It is impossible for you to eat or sleep in the car. Jiaying described this ride as ‘kingkongkingkonkingkingkong’. LOL! 😂😂😂 #WeirdSoundEffects

jomblang cave registration

Finally, we arrived Jomblang Cave registration point at 9am and we were surprised to see so many people! During the journey in here, we didn’t see any cars, and suddenly these cars and people were like appearing out of nowhere! LOL, like magic sia!

jomblang cave queue number

We were queue number 10 and I noticed the wording below:

The queue number down

At first, I thought the wordings were telling us that the queue numbers were in descending order and I was like wth obviously!

jomblang cave waiting area

Although there were already lots of people, we still had to wait for 1 hour before we set off at 10am. The ideal timing to look at heavenly light is 10.30am to 11.30am, so we were praying hard that we could get there in time! 🙏🙏🙏

jomblang cave cleaning area

The whole journey will be very muddy but thank goodness, boots were provided! Yeah, no need to wash my shoes! 😆😆😆

jomblang cave boots collection

Great Singapore Sale ah! Chiong ah! 😂😂😂

jomblang cave boots

We really need to be fast and unleashed our true Singaporean kaisu spirit else we won’t be able to get the boots size that fits. Unfortunately, Candyce and Jiaying’s legs are too small and their boots were a bit too big for them.

jomblang cave boots collected

We looked like fishmongers after wearing our boots. Excuse me sir, salmon one piece, the freshest one, thank you!

jomblang cave waterproof phone

Equipment check! One part of the cave is quite wet, so better safe than sorry, all phones in waterproof pouch yeah! 👍👍👍

Thrilling Descending

jomblang cave descending spot

After our boots collection and toilet breaks, the guides leaded us to the descending spot and my immediate reaction is wahhhhhh 😱😱😱 siao liao lah! 😂😂😂

The guides wasted no time and started to prepare the equipments while all the visitors were all checking out what they had signup into! #NoTurningBack 😂😂😂


jomblang cave sinkhole

Closer look at the pit! It is awesomely huge! To be exact, this is actually a 400m sinkhole created thousand of years ago! In order to see the heavenly light, we need to descend around 60m where the cave resides.

jomblang cave descending queue

Now the wordings ‘the queue number down’ made sense! We are the 10th group to go down this seems-like-bottomless-pit sinkhole.

While waiting, a lot of questions came into my mind and the most concerned question I had was how we come back up after going down! LOL! 😂😂😂

jomblang cave villagers

Then Candyce pointed to the back and said:

Neh! This group of people will pull you up!

😱😱😱 Wah siao! You must be kidding sia! 😅😅😅

jomblang cave descending queue wait

Okay breathe in breathe out! Mr Humji Kia TowkayNew smile and relax okay! Dun be afraid! 😂😂😂

The girls feedback that they are talking to us (the boys) but we are not responding to them. They said that I am silent throughout. But I am meditating okay! #IntenseFocus 😆😆😆

jomblang cave descending expression

Tips to people who are afraid of heights, don’t look down first and trust your harness. Lean back slowly and once you are hanging freely, you will know you are safe! And then you can look down to enjoy the view! 😜😜😜

jomblang cave descending view

We are going down! waaaaaaaah, ancient forest, here we come!

Good thing about this tour is that they will lower you down, so you do not need to do abseiling. Heng ah! 😂😂😂

jomblang cave descending down

For the girls, they kept screaming. According to them, it was not because of the heights but because their harnesses were too tight and painful!

Tips: Don’t ask them to tie the harness too tight else the consequences is painful sia!

In the end, we are the noisiest group coming down. We had no idea why the rest could come down so calmly and peacefully. The 4 of us were like clowns HAHA. 😂😂😂

Dark Cave Trail

jomblang cave forest

Through the ancient forest, the trail got muddier and we really appreciate it when boots are provided in this tour.

Above facial expression of the girls are not real! LOL! They were actually struggling with their huge boots, so their legs kept coming off! Wahahaaha!

jomblang cave entrance

Beneath is the entrance to the dark cave! Walk slowly yeah, it was really slippery!

jomblang cave entrance with forest

Posing time! The epic clown Jiaying’s hands flipped back and almost hit the people behind but she was really focus in posing for the photo!

Tips: Keep safety distance yeah! 😂😂😂

jomblang cave inside

This is the dark cave trail and there are stone steps which makes the muddy path a lot easier to walk!

jomblang cave view outside

This is one of my favourite view in this tour. Nice greenery transitioning into dark lonely cave.

jomblang cave view inside

Torchlights were not provided to us however the guides setup some lighting points for us to see clearer.

Tips: Bring your own torchlight just in case! 👍

When we saw lights ahead of the dark trail, we knew that we are reaching our ultimate destination!

Heavenly Light

jomblang cave

Post edited with Snapseed

Beams of lights shining from the hole above brightening the dark cave! As there is an underground river, the water sound is like a melody to this spectacular natural phenomenon. There must be heaven up there! ✨✨✨

jomblang cave heavenly light welfie

Post edited with Snapseed

Lots of photo opportunities! As the cave is quite dark, you will need to use flash and be prepared for some post editing of photos yeah!

Goa Jomblang Cave Yogyakarta

Post edited with Snapseed

Do take as many photos as fast as you can before the heavenly light disappear!

goa jomblang

Post edited with Snapseed

We were really lucky to catch the magnificent view of the heavenly light! As we spent our time there, the light started to fade and became less visible.

jomblang cave flowstones

After taking a series of photos and poses with the heavenly light, we proceeded up to check out the flowstones.

jomblang cave flowstones big

The flowstone are created beautifully by the water dripping from the top. This area is really wet and slippery, so be careful yeah!

goa jomblang inside

After all the awe and excitement, it was time to go back up to the surface.

Exciting Ascending

goa jomblang ancient forest

While we were waiting for our turn to ascend, we started to check out the aftermath of the muddy trail.

jomblang cave muddy boots

Mud on my boots all the way up to my pants!


jomblang cave muddy shirt

Candyce was obviously not impressed!

jomblang cave ready to ascend

Our turn to ascend, this time, I was not so afraid anymore!

jomblang cave ascending completed

Final pose before we bidded farewell to Jomblang Cave.

Gym Workout

jomblang cave ascending method

Once we were on top, we were surprised to see so many people. They were the guys working hard to pull us up yeah!

jomblang cave ascending pulling team

We stayed on to check out the power of humans!

jomblang cave ready to pull

After seeing them like having fun when pulling up the visitors, Nic and me decided to help them out!

jomblang cave ascending pull

This work requires lots of strength, no wonder there were so many people pulling.

jomblang cave after pull

After the pull, we felt like we just had a gym workout. Check out our muscle! Wooyah!

jomblang cave back

On the way back to the washing point, We (the boys) kept saying that the pull was very heavy. However, the girls kept hushing us because the two visitors that we had just pulled up were right in front of us! Opps! haha! LOL! 😜😜😜

jomblang cave lunch

After washing up, we had our lunch which were included in the tour. There are fried chicken (hell yeah), tempeh (yummy) and vegetables! Just in time as we were very hungry after the journey!


If you love nature and adventure, I strongly recommend to check out Jomblang Cave Tour when you are in Yogyakarta. It costs IDR 450,000 (inclusive of lunch) per pax and it is definitely worth it. Do remember to bring a good camera in order to take a nice shot of the heavenly light! 

Very notchbad (means very good lah)! Thumbs up!

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Here’s why you should go to Wave House Sentosa Singapore

wave house sentosa flowrider

Wave House @ Sentosa has completely changed my perspective on surfing!

My First Surfing Experience @ Bali

It was back in 2014 where I took a surfing lesson at Bali Legian beach. The whole experience is one word and that is SHAGGED! I have to:

  1. Paddle the surfboard out to the sea against the strong waves
  2. Do a u-turn
  3. Ready for a big wave
  4. When the big wave comes, paddle a bit and do a mighty push-up then stand up
  5. Find your balance and stand

The problem is that I always fall off the surfboard after few milliseconds when I reached step 5 and I need to do step 1 to 4 again which is really body intensive! At the end of that lesson, I am completely exhausted with only memories of me falling into the sea.

I always dream that I can be like silver surfer, standing on the surfboard like some cowabunga dude. But this very first experience has demoralized me. 😖😖😖

Surfing Experience @ Wave House!

Candyce always wanted to go experience surfing @ Wave House but I was quite reluctant to go as I am still quite traumatized by the first surfing experience @ Bali. It is only when there is this 1 for 1 deal by The Entertainer App, that makes me pick up my courage once again and chiong for it! LOL! Okay lah, I am cheapo kia! Haahaha. 😆😆😆

wave house sentosa

Here we are at Wave House! We reached there at 5.20pm, so we decided to go for the 6pm slot as it is splitted into hourly session which means if we start at 5.20pm, we will still end at 6pm, not worth it yeah!

Plus it is surprisingly crowded for that day 5pm slot when we are there during weekday!

wedding rings

No hard objects on the body, including wedding ring! Sorry Candyce, I am single again during surfing! 😜😛

wave house sentosa welfie

Hurray! 6pm slot has only 1 more stranger joining us. Since there are only 5 pax, they only opened 1 lane at the flowrider for us to surf!

This is the place that you should not ask the whole village to join you. Reason is that more people and you have longer waiting time which is not very value for money! 😆😆😆

If your friends blame you for bo jio, you can tell them that it is intended this way! 😂😂😂

wave house sentosa jiaying

We first learnt how to balance on the board and obviously, Jiaying is very satisfied with herself being able to balance on it.

The beginner starting off point is from the side which is designed to have a gradual wave strength towards the middle. Hence, there are no sudden jerk which will make us off-balance and fall!

Needless to say, I do not have to do the legendary step 1 to 4. Haha! 🙂

wave house sentosa flowrider towkaynew

Next up, we learnt how to manoeuvre left and right by tilting our ankles forward and backward. We were given a rope to hold on and it looks really like a dog on the leash! LOL! 🐶

wave house sentosa flowrider fall down

Obviously, falling down is unavoidable but I dun mind cause I know I do not need to do the super shagged step 1 to 4. After I fell down, the wave is so strong that it pushed my body back to the cushion behind. It is like someone thrusting me against the wall.

wave house sentosa candyce

Candyce, another satisfied girl, with her victory pose against the sunset! 🌅

wave house sentosa cool pose

I also take my chance to strike a cool pose with Candyce as background! 😆

wave house sentosa flowrider

This time is Nic as background! 😂😂😂

wave house sentosa nic

The most epic moment of the day goes to Nic when he tried to balance after taking off from the front! LOL! I bet that you will stare at the GIF for quite a while! #TaijiMaster 😂😂😂

wave house sentosa magdelene

Thank you Magdelene for been such an awesome instructor! She is so gentle and encouraging to us! Making our lesson so fun! Gamxiahamita! 😍😍😍

wave house sentosa deals

When I noticed this board, I immediately called Nic to grab a complimentary carpark ticket! Then, we also realise that there is complimentary buggy ride! Free stuff, chiong ah! 🤑🤑🤑

wave house sentosa buggy


I strongly recommend you to have your first surfing experience at the Wave House! You will get to have the true surfing experience without tiring yourself too much! Goodbye legendary step 1 to 4! Silver surfer is here! 🏄🏻🏄🏻🏄🏻

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Southern Iceland • Ring Road Epic Trip 3

Eldhraun Lava Field

After our trip at Golden Circle, we proceed with our further exploration in the southern Iceland.

iceland ring road rainbow

We are again greeted with rainbows. As the weather in Iceland changes frequently, rainbows are actually a common sight but too bad, no pot of gold for me! LOL, sad face!


Seljalandsfoss green field

We headed to this waterfall which is very prominent from afar, confirm plus chop won’t miss it one! After parking our car, we walk along the path with huge green field on the side.

Seljalandsfoss stone

The special part of this waterfall is that you can walk behind it and have a different perspective of the spectacular view. As we are not fully equipped against the water splashing, we did not walk in. I strongly recommend to bring ponchos and gopro if you are planning to go to this waterfall!

Seljalandsfoss closeup

post-edited photo due to water splash making image blur 😜

As I did not waterproof my camera, this is the furthest that we can go without wetting ourselves and our equipments. The weather is so cold! brrrrrr…

If you have time, you can also check out Gljúfrabúi, not far away from Seljalandsfoss, which is kind of a secret waterfall to the locals. However, we decided not to go there because of our next destination.



We headed to yet another waterfall. Dun worry, this is the last waterfall for this post! 😜

Iceland is a land of waterfalls. For us, waterfall is a rare sight, so we seek out lots of waterfall until we almost overdosed at the end of the entire trip! LOL!

Skógafoss motion

For this waterfall, the water volume is huge! You can hear the water splashing sound from afar, and unlike Seljalandsfoss, the path is all rocky.

You can choose to climb up the stairs and check out the top view of Skógafoss. As usual, the slackers us did not climb up to conserve energy! Haahahah LOL!

Skógafoss surrounding

If you love camping, this is the perfect spot to pitch your tent with stunning surrounding landscape and nice waterfall sound as your sleeping lullaby.

Abandoned DC plane on Sólheimasandur

This is one of the epic attractions that we decided to drop out due to time constraint. Since early 2016, tourists are not allowed to drive to this spot and you have to walk around 4km across the black sandy path. Over there, you can take lots photo and pose with the iconic plane wreckage left due to a forced landing of an United States Navy Douglas Super DC-3 airplane. Google it yeah!

Dyrhólaey Lighthouse

Dyrhólaey Lighthouse Night

By the time we reached Dyrhólaey lighthouse, the sun has already set. As I am a newbie driver, this place is an adventurous ride for us. To get there, we drive along a two-way road with sea by the side. If I am not careful, we might drop into the sea! LOL!

Next, the driving become even more challenging, I have to drive up a zig-zagged steep gravel road. Throughout the upward ride, Candyce keep tapping on the dashboard to signal danger of car falling off the cliff! LOL, my driving skill level up sia after this!

Dyrhólaey Lighthouse welfie

As it is getting darker and raindrops started to fall, we decided to stop advancing towards the lighthouse and evacuated. Plus I scared got eerie stuff lah! haha!

We then headed to Vík where we spend a night there.

The Next Day…

iceland ring road trip

We woke up early to continue our trip towards east along ‘Ring Road’ (Route 1). This time, Candyce took on the wheel to ensure we can reach Skaftafell National Park on time for our glacier hiking tour.

Eldhraun Lava Field

Eldhraun Lava Field iceland ring road

Along the way to Skaftafell, we passed by Eldhraun lava field which was created by one of the most devastating eruptions in historic times, the Lakagígar eruption from 1783 to 1784.

Eldhraun Lava Field

Over years and decades on this huge lava field, green moss started to grow, turning the whole field into lush green and this place is definitely an excellent photography spot. Do remember to do different poses including weird pose below.

Eldhraun Lava Field titanic

As these green moss are very fragile, please take light steps when walking on them in order to preserve this ecosystem. Else sooner or later, the authorities are going to do something like what they did to the path towards the DC plane wreckage.


Southern Iceland, including the Golden Circle, have lots of attractions to visit. Therefore, I strongly recommend to spend 2 days in this area instead of 1 day which we did. More info coming up when we revisited southern Iceland again near the end of our epic honeymoon ring road trip!

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The Golden Circle Iceland • Ring Road Epic Trip 2

Kerið Crater Lake

After a relaxing hot dip at Blue Lagoon in Day 1, we had a good sleep with no jet lag at all. Aiyah let me tell you, when you are travelling, there is no such thing as jet lag one lah!

Before we set off to the Golden Circle, which is the most popular tourist route in Iceland as it is very near to the capital Reykjavik, we have our breakfast at our first accommodation, Jonna Guesthouse.

Jonna Guesthouse Breakfast

Yes, Jonna is a guy, haha but i always call him Joanna! 😂😂😂 He prepared all these breakfast items especially homemade jams! We also try something special which is smoked horse meat, it tasted a bit like deer meat and also have the same smoky smell as mutton.

Jonna Guesthouse

Time to set off! Golden Circle, here we come!

The Golden Circle

It is about 300km round the uplands east from Reykjavík which contains the most tourist spots. It is a must-visit route if you have only few days in Iceland. Since we are travelling further east instead of making a round back Reykjavík, it is only Golden Semi-circle for us! LOL!

Kerið Crater Lake

Kerið Crater Lake

Kerið is a beautiful volcanic crater with a nice blue lake and lovely greeneries! The correct pronunciation should be kerid, but I always call it as kay-rio. LOL!

One cool thing about Kerið is that its volcanic rock is red instead of black which blends well with the green vegetation.

Kerið Crater Lake Slope

There is a much gentle slope on one side of the crater, and over there, you can find a path to the lake. As we are slackers plus we have walked round the crater, we didn’t walk down! 😜

The entrance fee for Kerið is 400 ISK (as of November 2016).

Þingvellir National Park

Þingvellir National Park

Iceland wordings is really interesting. At the first look at the name of this national park, I thought someone put a emoji in front of the word 😛

Anglicised the word, it is know as Thingvellir National Park which has the largest lake in Iceland.

This is the place where you can scuba dive and take photo between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. But the water looks cold, so we didn’t go for it yeah! LOL! 😆

Þingvellir National Park Althing

There is also The Althing which is the national parliament of Iceland that was established in year 930! This makes Iceland one of the world’s oldest parliamentary democracy. Truly historical place yeah! That is why this place is called Thingvellir which means assembly field! 😊

You can find The Althing in the above photo which is really small in order to test your eyesight! 😜

Þingvellir National Park Lake

This place is really huge, so do prepare that you have to walk a lot over here! Many photo opportunities too so make sure you have enough storage memory yeah! 😉



Woohoo! This is my favourite attraction of all, Strokkur, which is a fountain geyser. This geyser erupts once every 6 to 10 minutes of up to an average of 20 meters high.

It is very interesting to see everyone staring hard at the boiling water and anticipating the eruption of the geyser! LOL! 😂😂😂

strokkur geyser

Everyone’s reaction is like us! Wahhhhhhh! Seeing harmless explosion is really damn exciting!

This attraction is a must-go in Iceland as it is one of the most stable natural geyser that erupts frequently! 👍👍👍


Gullfoss top view

A visit to Iceland will not be completed if you didn’t visit any waterfall. Gullfoss, also know as Golden Falls, is one of the most visited waterfalls in Iceland!

I strongly recommend exploring the top trail where you can have an eagle eye view of the spectacular waterfall.

Gullfoss close up

Next, we walked down a series of stairs to take the bottom trail where you can be up close and personal to the waterfall!

The strong splashing of cold water from the waterfall is really a ‘refreshing’ experience! LOL! 😂😂😂

Gullfoss rainbow

With rainbow appearing at the end, we ended our golden semi-circle trip and headed towards Vík where we will be spending our night there.

I am a geek, a software engineer, a foodie, a wanderlust, a youtuber.

Yunomori Onsen Singapore

yunomori onsen singapore

Last week, my friend jio-ed me to go for this Yunomori Onsen thing (his treat). At first, I thought it was going to be a private date as it’s been awhile since we did that. Little did I know, shortly after agreeing, I was added into this group chat with two of his other friends. As it turned out, I was the extra man to make up 4 pax so that we could enjoy the current 1-for-1 promotion offered by Yunomori. $38 for 2 pax is quite a sweet deal so I strongly encourage everyone to make full use of it. The promo runs till 28 Dec 2016, and is valid from Mon-Wed 7pm to 11pm. To my even greater surprise, I also found out that his wife was taking her family there too. So instead of 2 pax which I assumed initially, it became a party of 8. So much for some 1v1 bro time 😅

Yunomori-Onsen Group Shot

Turns out to be a crowd!

I arrived at 645pm even though our meeting time was 745pm. Lo and behold, there were already a good 20-30 kiasu Singaporeans camping there, waiting for the clock to strike 7pm. There were two receptionists who managed the queue pretty efficiently. Within 10 minutes, the first batch was admitted. But this promo is apparently very popular, so more people kept streaming in. By the time my friend and his friends arrived, there were only 4 pax left in the queue so we got registered in no time.

Yunomori Onsen Counter

Before going in, we had to put our shoes in a locker and exchange the locker key for one of those electronic wristbands. Singapore is such a technologically advanced country so I wasn’t overly impressed haha.

Once we entered, the Restaurant and Relaxing Area were to our left, but we chiong-ed straight towards the changing rooms. Girls on the left, guys on the right. A bit different from 男左, 女右. Once we entered the changing room, we were given two towels, one big one small. Unlike other onsens/spas in Japan and Korea where there are unlimited towels at your disposal, you apparently have to pay if you want an extra towel. Oh well, it’s quite difficult to lose your towel anyway since most of us will be guarding our jewels with it lol. So we got undressed, dumped our stuff into another set of lockers (using the wristband), and off we sauntered into the onsen holding our towels in strategic positions. Note: no phones allowed into the bath area.

yunomori onsen bath

Source: www.yunomorionsen.com

For the uninitiated, seeing a ton of naked men might be an eye-opener. Then again, most of have gone through army before so I’m sure we have had enough of comparing sizes. Oh wait, forgot to mention that this is not a mixed gender onsen. Sorry boys, no naked chiobus for you to beo lol. Anyway, you first start off with a shower. Sitting on a stool, you can shower for as long as you like. The house brand shampoo, conditioner and body wash were quite nice to use. Made my hair feel super good. You might see other men glancing over their shoulders (or plain staring), checking you out as you shower. While it might seem awkward at first. If you see them looking at you, means you were looking at them too (more on this later lol).

Feeling refreshed after the shower, we then headed into the first bath. There are a total of 6 baths for men and 5 for women. For a list of all the different baths, please refer to this link

While the bath area was a little smaller than expected, the bath area had about 15-20 pax at one time on average. While you don’t get the feeling like you own the whole place, neither will you feel claustrophobic. The first bath closest to the shower area was the Soda Spa (37-38 degrees). After soaking for just a few minutes, my skin felt smoother instantly. Next up, the Jet Bath. There were about 6 Jet Bath “seats” and my friend and I were lucky to get ours side by side. Not like it made much of a difference though. We were enjoying our own relaxation too much to even talk to each other. The jets themselves were not very powerful though, definitely not as powerful as those you see in a jacuzzi.

yunomori onsen pools

Source: www.yunomorionsen.com

This 1-for-1 promo is actually to promote Yunomori’s new spa, which is the Yuzu Bath, so I guess it deserves special mention. It is the 2nd hottest bath after the Hot Bath and it smells very good. There are a handful of Yuzu packs floating around and I guarantee you that you will exit the bath smelling like citrus. Finally, there is no place to expedite muscle recovery than the Cold Bath. At 17-19 degrees, it doesn’t sound very cold but it was chilly to say the least. The cold water helps to tighten your muscles and this aids in the recovery process. It takes great courage to step in. And since you are going to do it either way, might as well step in like a man. That means don’t linger around and contemplate whether to go in. Don’t use the bucket to splash water on yourself to get used to the temperature. Just head right into the freezing water, and sit down. You will be freezing at the onset. But if you minimize your movement, your body will soon generate enough heat to reach equilibrium. If you need cheat code, just position your hands by your side, and tuck your palms under your knees. Several screams and shouts were heard, but none came from me lol. After chilling in the Cold Bath, we jumped right into another hot bath. The transition from extreme cold to extreme hot will leave your skin feeling like a lot of ants are biting you, an interesting sensation to say the least. 

yunomori onsen corridor

The hot baths created a massive emptiness in our stomachs and we were raring to gobble up some food. So much for our initial plan to eat our dinner at 11pm lol. We quickly took another shower, got dressed in our Yukatas, and scurried off to the restaurant. The restaurant was also high-tech. No wallet required as you will be charging your purchases to your wristband. Slurping hot Udon with my core body temperature raised certainly caused some beads of perspiration to accumulate on my brows. Thankfully, there was free cold green tea for me to neutralize the intense warmth building up in my body. Unfortunately, you will be denied the authentic Japanese experience as all tables are accompanied by chairs. So no chance for you to sit seiza-style (kneeling and folding one’s legs under one’s thighs).

yunomori onsen cafe

After a satisfying meal, we headed into the Relaxing Area where there were about 20 sofas for us to lie down.

yunomori onsen relaxing area

Feeling super clean, I fell asleep instantly. At that point, I was contemplating getting a Yukata to wear as pyjamas. It was just so comfy! Oops. Backtrack a bit. You are supposed to wear your underwear under your Yukata. No wonder I felt a little strange with everything hanging loose hahaha. After waking up, we still had about an hour left so we went back into the baths for a final round to complete our Onsen experience.

yunomori onsen steam room

Source: www.yunomorionsen.com

I was pretty addicted to the Cold Bath as I play a lot of sports. Just sitting in there and feeling all my muscles (or lack thereof) tighten was truly relaxing for me. The feeling is kind of like how tight your face feels after facial (after the cold mask part). Now that the “worst” was over (or so I thought), we decided to “cool down” in the Steam Room. Upon entering, you can barely make out anybody’s face. So it is best to go in together with your friend to avoid looking like a clown trying to find your friend inside. My friend and I found a nice cosy spot and sat our asses down to enjoy the contrasting temperature. This is where things got weird. While the room was small, there was ample space to accommodate about 15 pax comfortable. For some strange reason, I noticed a group of 6 guys huddled in one particular corner. Thinking that there might be a television there or something, I beckoned for my friend to check it out. This is one time where curiosity killed the cat. My friend walked forward to that corner, and turned back abruptly. He then told me to evacuate the room immediately. To his horror, that was the corner where un-straight men were straightening each other out, if you know what I mean. Till this day, my friend is still emotionally scarred. After I heard him recount the incident, the strange stares at the shower area (see above) started to make sense. The pieces starting falling into place – this onsen place must be gay heaven! 

Yunomori Onsen Gays

Overall, the onsen experience was truly relaxing and rejuvenating, especially after a long hard day at work. I definitely had a good night’s rest that night. At $38 a pop, it does seem rather pricey on any given day. But with the current promo, I think Yunomori Onsen & Spa is definitely worth a visit. Mai tu liao!!! Oh, and if you are really addicted to this experience, you can pay $1,800 (before GST) to gain unlimited access for 6 months. Current massage package promo is $139 for two pax for 60 min. Again, rather pricey. Plus you don’t want to “waste” your limited 4 hours in the onsen. You are better off heading to JB for a $10 massage or buying one of those Groupon vouchers.

Yunomori Onsen Ninjas

Yunomori Onsen & Spa

#02-17/18 Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Place, 397638

Opening hours: 10.00am – 11.00pm daily

Nearest MRT: Stadium or Kallang

For more infomation, check out their website here.

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“Your Name” screening @ The Projector Singapore

the projector foyer

Been an anime fanboy, one of the items in my bucket list is to watch the movie ‘Your Name’. Since it is my birthday month, Candyce decided to plan a surprize for me! She told me:

“We are going to watch movie at Golden Mile Tower!”

golden mile tower

Golden Mile Tower? 😱😨😰😯😦😧😵

Yes, that is my reaction when i heard Candyce said it. All along, my impression of Golden Mile Tower is a place where:

  • you take bus to Malaysia
  • got nice mookata
  • lots of sleazy ktv
  • near army market
  • at beach road
  • quite a ulu place

I never knew you can find a cinema at such a place! 😱 As it is a surprize, I only know where I am going on that day and i cannot google it!

golden mile tower lift lobby

When I reached the lift lobby and saw the layout, i keep saying:

“Wah, you bringing me to Yangtze Cinema is it? 😏😏😏”

Candyce rushed to the lift and asked me to hurry up. Sad, hentai boy got ignored!

the projector singapore

When the lift door opened, my reaction is wahhhhhhhhhh, this place is so cool! It has such a nostalgic feeling!

Welcome to The Projector

Before The Projector, this place is actually a historical place called Golden Theatre and they still keep some of the old layout.

the projector box office

This is their box office! LOL! I thought some kind of cafe cashier counter sia! There are lots of ang moh hanging around this place, and I felt so ashamed that this suaku me only know this place until now.

the projector redrum entrance

Just nice, we made it in time and we chiong to the cinema door. What’s the rush yo? chill girl!

the projector redrum path

When we enter the door, we are greeted with more arty farty poster canvas. Quite atas yeah!

the projector redrum top row

Wow, old schoooool sioh! They still keep the old seats at the top section.

the projector redrum bean bag

Scanning to the bottom section and you can find bean bags! 😍😍😍 Wah, this place is very chill wor!

Now for the moment of truth! The truth behind why Candyce wanted us to go in early!

the projector sofa seat

Sofa seat! 😋😋😋 wahahahaaha so shiok! As this place is free seating, you can grab good seats of your choice if you are early!

Woohoo, sofa seat! Perfect for a romantic movie date! 😍😍😍 Just that you cannot lovely dovey lah coz the sofas are in the middle row! While stock lasts yeah!

the projector redrum sofa

Check out Candyce victory pose! Critical point secured, mission accomplished! Well done soldier!

the projector golden bar

After we have secured our critical point, i am sent on an away mission and that is foodie time!


Grab a beer first, then brainstorm what to eat! There are brunch, salads, appetizers, tapas, pizzas and desserts. This is almost like a cafe. I ordered the buffalo wings, a food that won’t go wrong! 😊

the projector welfie

Reporting back to madam at the base and take more photos of our winning territory! Wooyah!

the projector toilet path

Time to pee! more arty farty path to the toilet! Lovely wall art! 😊😊😊

the projector toilet

Wah! Toilet filled with indies movie poster! Look out for my favourite anime, One Piece movie poster! 😍😍😍 Sugoiiiiii!

the projector buzzer

Time to collect my buffalo wings! At first, when I received this buzzer from the cashier, i asked:

“Can bring this buzzer in the theater ah?”

Coz i scared the buzzer will ring loudly in the theater. But heng ah, this is not a buzzer. It is actually a vibrator!

the projector buffalo wings

Woohoo, got our piping hot crispy buffalo wings! The sauce is a bit spicy though, so don’t dip too much yeah! It also comes with small portion of sesame sauce salad! Nice, perfect snack for movie date!

Japanese Anime Movie “Your Name”

the projector screen 1

Alright, movie time! ‘Your Name’ is about a country girl and a city boy switching bodies when they are asleep. Oh yeah, you must be thinking it is like the same old j-drama or k-drama or hk-drama.

But this movie has a totally fresh plot. It is funny, full of mystery and plot twist! Awesome storyline! I almost cried because it is so touching in the end!

the projector screen 2

This anime movie is so well drawn that you should not miss any scenes and details. Every scene is like a jigsaw piece making the story clearer and clearer! At the end, you will have the eureka moment and realized why the movie title is called ‘Your Name’.

Another thing why I like this movie is also their soundtracks! Lovely songs in between major scenes!

the projector foyer

Woohoo done! Awesome movie with a total new cinema experience! Thank you Candyce for the lovely birthday surprize!

You should also check out this place yeah!


If you are free, do also check out Golden Mile Tower iconic spiral staircase.


Check out information about this movie “Your Name”.


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Blue Lagoon Iceland • Ring Road Epic Trip 1

blue lagoon stunning view

Iceland is located between Europe and North America continent, around 11,000km away from Singapore. (My friend said I copied this statement from Wikipedia! LOL!)

Therefore, it was around 20 hour of butt-pain flight. But since this is our Honeymoon trip and we are going to one of the world’s most beautiful place, this journey is definitely worth it!

istanbul airport

Our first stopover, Istanbul!

heathrow airport

There are many ways to get to Iceland as long as the airport has IcelandAir stopping over. We decided to choose London as our ultimate stopover and round 2 of our Honeymoon trip. All thanks to Brexit, the pound drop drop drop like grapes.

icelandair plane

The moment we see Icelandair plane, we are all hyped and ready for our epic honeymoon road trip!

iceland lonely house

Fast forward (coz I am a lousy blogger and forgot to take photo of Keflavik International Airport plus the weather was so cold, i basically had a brain freeze).

So from Keflavik International Airport, our car rental company fetched us to their office nearby. As a typical suaku who have just landed on a foreign land, we started taking photo of anything we can see while waiting for our car.

icerental4x4 suzuki car

Woohoo! Finally got our car! We rented a 4×4 car as it is autumn which is rainy season. Since the car plate starts with “JY”, I named this car as “Jiaying“. LOL! But the real reason why we took a photo of the car plate is so that we can remember and find this car! 😂😂😂

iceland driving

Candyce drives faster than me (a lot faster! LOL!) so she took on the wheel to ensure we can reach the next destination on time before sunset! Chiong ah!

iceland jump shot

Woohoo! Reached our first attraction in Iceland! Guess what?

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue Lagoon! Most of our friends who went Iceland recommended this place and we are going to check it out why! It is a geothermal spa, therefore, a perfect place to relax after a long flight plus it is very near to Keflavik International Airport! Shiok ah! Oh yeah, before you rush in and jump into the water, below are some important tips that you die die must remember! 

  • Stay hydrated. You will get dehydrated for staying long period in warm water, so remember to drink lots of water before and during your visit.
  • Use conditioner. The water will not harm your hair but it will make them dry. So use plenty of conditioner before and after the dip.
  • Remove the jewellery. The water can affect items of jewellery so keep them safely in your private locker.
  • Skip the goggles. You cannot see beneath the surface so goggles and underwater cameras are unnecessary.
  • Bring sunglasses. As sunlight reflects strongly off the water, it is highly recommend to wear sunglasses on sunny days!

Blue Lagoon Day Time

Check out the awesome view and our awesome smile! The view is real while our smile is fake because it was freaking cold outside (around 5-10 degrees)! 😂😂😂

Behind the scene for this photo

TowkayNew: Come take photo, very nice! lai lai!

Candyce: Dun want! so colddddddddd!

TowkayNew: Faster! wait you regret!

*** Photo taken ***

Both of us jumping around, shivering and chiong into the water!

Anyway, don’t worry if it is too cold outside. You can enter the hot water from inside and slowly make your way out of the building.

blue lagoon stunning view

Candyce was so happy to be inside the hot water (around 37 – 39 degrees) that she can finally do all kind of poses for the camera! 😂😂😂

Since my camera is not waterproof, I need to run back to the locker, kept my Sony RX100m3 and whipped out my action camera, SJCAM SJ4000, so pardon the low quality photos below.

Blue Lagoon Silica Mud Mask Welfie

Other than dipping in the hot water and enjoy the lovely scenery, there are other stuff to keep us occupied like applying the silica mud mask. After applying the mask for 15mins, you can rinse your face with the water. At first, I thought the water is white due to all the visitors washing mask off their face in the water.

But the real reason why the water is white is because it contains silica, algae & many other minerals. The water is so white that it reflects the sky and make the lagoon blue!

So, the water is white not because it is dirty yeah! The water renews itself every 40 hours so it is actually self-cleansing! How convenient!

Blue Lagoon Legs Shot

Footselfie time! Wow I coined a new word hokay!

Blue Lagoon Drink Bar

We bought the comfort package, so we are entitled with a drink each. Can claim drinks, of coz take the most expensive one lah! We took apple cider, my favourite!

Blue Lagoon Night Time

My RX100m3 is out again to take some epic night shots! I strongly recommend going Blue Lagoon around sunset time so that you can enjoy both day and night view of this stunning place! It is two different experience! Night time is like having a pool party! Yo ah yo!

bye bye blue lagoon

Woohoo! Nice hot dip in Blue Lagoon is surely the first thing you should do after you touch down in Iceland, especially after a long flight! It is so relaxinggggg!

After this, we proceed to our first airbnb. Again, lousy blogger forgot to take photo of our first accommodation in Iceland! Trololololol! 😂😂😂

Check out our next day in Iceland where we explore the Golden Circle.

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Semarang Day 3


Ahh…Last day in Semarang! Sad that our enjoyable getaway is coming to an end.

First, we went to Lawang Sewu (Rp. 10,000) which means a thousand door in Javanese! Not sure if it really has a thousand doors but there were really many doors, about 4 to 6 doors in one room! Lawang Sewu is an ancient building famous for its exotic design and its mystical tales

This place is said to be the most haunted place in Semarang because the basement was used as a prison during the Japanese occupation with several executions taking place. The locals believe that the souls of the dead people still remain.

Go there early as it will be very crowded in the afternoon.

Lawang Sewu

Next, we took a cab to the old town of Semarang which is at Gereja Blenduk and Kota Lama. The old town of Semarang is also called little Netherlands.

What we found interesting is the street of antique along the road, they sold antique posters, money, cameras! This street will transport you back into the past!

When was the last time you saw cameras, coins, furniture and posters like this?

Old Town of Semarang – Gereja Blenduk and Kota Lama

Ikan Bakar Cianjur

Across Gereja Blenduk is the Blenduk Ancient Building Insurance Office where the Ikan Bakar Cianjur restaurant was. Ikan Bakar Cianjur is famous for its grilled fish and there were several types of fish and cooking style to choose from.


We tried the Gurame Bakar (Grilled Fresh-water Carp fish), Ayam Goreng and Ayam goreng Ampela (Fried Chicken Gizzard). I would say as compared to the meals we had yesterday at Simpang Lima, this was nicer but was also pricier. The grilled fish costs Rp. 88,000 and ayam goreng was Rp, 22,000.

Ayam Penyet originated from Semarang and you will understand why when you try it! The chicken meat was much smaller than what we usually see but it was so tender and delicious! We really love the fish! It was one of the best fish we ever ate! And we ate every single bits of it until we were left with the bones.


Best fish ever!

Gurame-Bakar-Grilled Fresh-water-Carp-fish

Along the same direction, 3 minutes away, we found the Old City 3D Trick Art Museum which is newly opened in May 2016. We were amazed how this small museum actually contains many wallpapers. We had lots of fun taking 3D photographs that look so real! The admission ticket for the 3D Museum is Rp. 40,000 per person.

Old City 3D Trick Art Museum in Semarang

Toko Oen

Our last stop! Toko Oen!

Toko Oen is one of the oldest family-owned restaurant with over 80 years of history. This café is so old school; they sell old times cakes and cookies over the counter.

When we step into Toko Oen, majority of the customers had ice-cream in their hands. Here’s our Oen’s Symphony Ice Cream (RP. 37,500), which came with vanilla, chocolate, mocha, coffee and rum raisin flavours. We weren’t overly impressed by the ice cream. For some reason, it tasted like the $1 ice-cream you from the Singapore Ice Cream Motorcycle.

We also tried the Poffertjes Campur (Keju + Coklat) which serves 12 pieces of mini ball topped with cheese and chocolate.

Sadly, the service here was incredibly poor. We were really upset that when we made payment we queued for very long and the lady at the cashier kept serving other people that did not queue.

This summarises our trip!


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Semarang Day 2


Today is the highlight of the trip! If you are a thrill-seeker, add these unique adventures to your list!

  • Candi Gedong Songo
  • Umbol Sidomukti
  • Rawa Pening

Before we begin on our adventures, we had breakfast in Quest Hotel.


Candi Gedong Songo

Our first stop was Candi Gedong Songo which was 1.5hr drive from our hotel.

In Javanese language, Candi means temple, Gedong means building, and Songo means nine. Thus, Candi Gedong Songo consist of nine Hinddu temples scattered on the slope of Ungaran mountain.

The entrance fee for tourist is Rp. 50,000 while for local is only Rp. 7,000.


There are two options to get around the Hindu Temple, first by foot, second by horse! It will take approximately 2hr walk by foot and 1.2h by a horse.

We recommend the horse riding package (Rp. 100,000) even though I felt bad to sit on the horse. The experience was so awesome! The horse ride was challenging as the stone path were uneven, narrow and steep. Poor horse, my horse even U-turn at one point of time when he faced a steep slope. So frightening!

Besides giving you a new and fresh experience, another reason was that if you go on foot the distance is very far and it’s all the way uphill.


Our first temple which is the furthest one on top!


We continued our horse ride to the next Hindu temple!


We passed by the water spring that contains sulphur.


The scenery is breath-taking!! Surrounded by clear skies and the view was beautiful!


Can you guess what are these people doing?


They are cleaning the temple, thanks to them we get to see the well-maintained beautiful structures!


Practicing yoga on Mount Ungaran

Umbol Sidomukti

Next we went to Umbol Sidomukti where there were many outdoor activities to test your balance and physical fitness! Flying fox, marine bridge, river trekking…

If you are here, you must take a zip line across the valley!! Enjoy your panoramic view of the Bandungan valley beneath!

We conquered the highest triangle and flying fox. It was so fun and exciting! We even took the flying fox again. The Indonesians staff saw us and said “LAGI?” which means “again?” and we exclaimed YES happily. They also asked if we have it in Singapore, the answer was yes but how can we have flying fox across the panoramic view for Rp. 20,000? So why not play again and enjoy it while you can! We can play this again and again cause its super fun! And the best thing was my sister and I can take the flying fox together!


The Highest Triangle


The Marine Bridge


In the same place, Umbol Sidomukti, there is an infinity pool which claims that the water is spring water and it have healing properties. Due to time constrain, we didn’t have the time to take a dip here.


View from Umbol Sidomukti

Things to take note: they have lunch break at around 12, reach early else you need to wait an hour before you can play.

Entrance fee for Umbol Sidomukti : Rp, 10,000
The Highest Triangle: Rp. 40,000
Flying Fox (2 times): Rp. 40,000

Fort Wilhelm

Next on our itinerary is Fort Wilhelm, an old fortress in Java. However, we were not able to enter because 2 weeks ago there was a group of tourist that threw a packet of drug and cigarette into the prison located next to it. Due to this incident, they do not allow tourist to enter.

Interesting Fact: The land of Fort Wilhem belongs to the army, it is not considered as a tourist attraction!


Rawa Pening

Our next destination is Rawa Pening which translate directly to swam village.


The swam village is surrounded by padi field!

This small village itself has much to offer, the most popular one was the boat ride around the lake. There are also some games such as water duck, mini tricycle and the ATV!


We love CHEAP TRILL HAHA! ATV ride cost Rp. 20,000 on weekdays and Rp. 25,000 on weekend. It was really worth it! We played for very long, approx. 15 mins and we were wondering when will the person ask us to return.


After our adventures, we decided to have our lunch at Rawa Pening.

The restaurant is in-between the fishing pond and rice field!


We immersed into the local culture and had our lunch in a mini hunt surrounded by fresh air, green rice fields and mountain! The place was beautiful and refreshing!


Here comes our lunch!

Indonesian Bakmi Goreng, Cumi Tepung,Jamur Crispy and Udang Dr Tepung. In short, Indonesian mee goreng, fried squid, crispy mushroom and fried prawn. I guess you would have realise that everything we ordered is fried. HAHA let me tell you why! Because we only know the word goreng which means fried, and when they asked us the cooking style we always answered “goreng”.


And while we eat, this is the view infront of our eyes!!


Sam Poo Kong Temple

After a satisfying lunch, we headed to the Sam Poo Kong Temple. I didn’t expect there would be such a huge temple in Indonesia. Sam Poo Kong was built in the 18th century established by Chinese Muslim explorer Zheng He. There were 5 temples in the complex and we felt so small to be standing in the complex! There is also chinese traditional attire for people to take photos. Sam Poo Kong temple is a nice place to check out if you have time!


Semawis Market

In the evening, we went to Semawis Market which was 10 mins walk from Quest Hotel. They open at 6 pm and when we arrived they weren’t plenty of shops set up yet!


We spotted Singapore Bak Kut Teh along the street! Don’t you feel proud that you can even find Singapore restaurant overseas HAHA


5 mins away from Semawis Market is the famous lumpia gang Lombok which serves the traditional lumpia snack said to be the best loenpia in Semarang.

Lumpia Gang Lombok


Simpang Lima – Semarang’s Central Market

We went for dinner at Simpang Lima which resembles Singapore’s newton circle! We really love this place for its atmosphere and affordable delicious food!


We had our dinner in the restaurant and the owner was very nice and friendly!


There were quail egg and kerepok on every table! Obviously, we cannot live Semarang without trying the legendary Ayam Penyet! Here is our first ayam penyet! It was small but tender and flavourful! This meal only cost us Rp. 60,000!


We went to explore around the vibrant city in Lima Simpang.

Fanciful brightly lighted up trishaws which cost Rp. 30,000 for a 10 mins’ ride.


Kids games that are not commonly found in Singapore nowadays! This place is awesome and it relive our childhood!


In the center was an open field with many people having picnic!


We walked around the malls in Lima Simpang but the things were quite pricey. There is an arcade inside Mall Ciputra and we found Singapore Yong Tau Fu!


Time to return to our hotel and prepare for our last day in Semarang!

In order to be able to travel to these places, we were lucky to have  Mr Atok to drive us around. He is proficient in English and has good driving skill. Even though some of the roads here are very steep and narrow but we felt very safe in his car! Atok even helped us in the planning of our itinerary and provided useful information to us. He also bring us to the attraction and helped to translate Bahasa Indonesia to English .He used to work in American Express in all department except accounting. 10 years ago, he retired and ran his own business in tourism for 10 years around Semarang, Yogya and Mount Bromo. Thanks to Mr Atok for making this trip so hassle free. Everything was according to what we communicated before we arrived. We really enjoyed him bringing us around.

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